Founded in 2010 in Berlin, the artist-run-space LAGE EGAL still regards itself as an experimental laboratory intent on tampering with the prevalent mechanisms of art presentation, mediation and marketing in a rather playful way. The emphasis is on curatorial projects that scrutinize and reconsider the stature of exhibitions as such, also as a creative act that repeatedly provides the audience with new ways of viewing art. Mostly curated by the French conceptual artist Pierre Granoux since 2012, LAGE EGAL offers continuously a professional ground for curatorial practice and critical exchange to selected artists and guest curators. Even though the designation ‘project space’ as such suggests a local constant, the concept of LAGE EGAL (‘location no matter’) is rather unattached to one specific location. LAGE EGAL is not only a word–play (LAGE read reversely is EGAL), it also describes exactly the process of a textual and programmatic dynamism and flexibility where the location of the space becomes irrelevant. (..)