In his drawings of the cycle TANNHÄUSER TOR, Alekos Hofstetter transforms post-war modernist buildings into utopian cult sites. The newly created visual world of the TANNHÄUSER TOR with its brutalistic new buildings and conversions has nothing in common with nostalgia, and even the pseudo-romantic landscapes created by the artist are probably a clever feint. 

The fantastic transplantation of modernist buildings into landscapes in which one might suspect castles, which is often carried out in the drawings, makes visible to the viewer that such a decontextualization makes a reassessment possible. Concrete. It depends on what you make of it. 

Paradoxically, Alekos Hofstetter, by way of rapture, retrieves what had slipped into the distance and makes a clear analytical artistic contribution to the long overdue social-aesthetic discourse about the desolation that the progressive suppression of modernity entails.