Maximilian Marcoll

Curated by Mirjam Wendt

LAGE EGAL [GW34/35] Greifswalder Str. 34, 10405 Berlin 

4.12 — 11.12 2021, THU — SAT, 3 — 6PM
Also by chance or appointment

With the kind support of ARTBUTLER, CTM Festival and HAU Berlin

"Amproprifications", a portmanteau of the words "appropriation" and "amplification", is the title for a series of works for performers and automated amplification, based on historical pieces of music. Like all the other Amproprification pieces, the sixth iteration of this series, namely Palestrina’s well known Missa Papae Marcelli, remains completely unchanged in its progression. Not a single sound is added or omitted. Rather, the Amproprifications are silent compositions that exist only in relation to the "original" work. The electronic amplification ranges from slow, barely perceptible fader movements to extremely fast and brutal chopping. By excarvating new pieces from old ones, Marcoll invites new listening attitudes in relation to older familiar works, which in turn are transformed into something new and wholly unexpected.

Scores, in the sense of media containing musical text intended for performance by musicians, do not exist for the Amproprifications. The performance material is always that of the respective "original".
However, in order to provide a possibility of observing the composition of the amplification layers directly, there are visualisations: transformations of the amplification layers into two-dimensional representations (amplitude over time with a fixed scale) allowing the viewers to "read" the compositions in their own time. 
In combining the images with recordings made during the performances at CTM in September, this exhibition opens up entirely new possibilities for experiencing these works.