“Welcome to Art Düsseldorf! Immerse yourself in the world of art, artists and galleries, and join in the conversation with us. Since 2017, Art Düsseldorf has been the hub for diverse talents and perspectives, presenting progressive ideas and engaging concepts. Explore with us and be part of the dialogue!” promise the fair’s organisers, and we’re excited about the event too!

Come and meet the team and artists of LAGE EGAL CURATORIAL PROJECTS for our first participation, we will welcome you at STAND N°…, where we will present a selection of works and editions by NADINE FECHT, BEN GREBER, FRANZISKA REINBOTHE and PIETRO SANGUINETI.

Preview THU, APR 11, 2pm—4pm
Opening, THU, APR 11, 4pm—8pm

Day 1, FRI, APR 12, noon — 7pm
Day 2, SAT, APR 13, 11am — 7pm
Day 3, SUN, APR 14, 12am — 6pm

Hansaallee 321,
40549 Düsseldorf

Contact: Pierre Granoux
+49 173 1807226

For our inaugural showcase at ART DÜSSELDORF, we pay tribute to the legacy of the late Italian-German artist PIETRO SANGUINETI by presenting a varied selection of his work spanning various periods. Concurrently, we present also works by the following artists, each exploring themes such as seriality and text (NADINE FECHT), reproduction and archiving (BEN GREBER) and the questioning of the traditional attributes of painting (FRANZISKA REINBOTHE).

While historical conceptual art aimed to convert images into language, the work of Pietro Sanguineti (1965—2023) reverses this process, once again transforming language into images. Sanguineti’s sculptural word-objects, or word-sculptures, digitally crafted and meticulously produced, defy the ‘conceptual’ label with their hyperbolic physicality. Their sensual “shaped canvases” result from technical production, featuring preexisting forms like letters, signs, logos, and words, which are laden with various meanings and interpretations.

Nadine Fecht’s exploration of value concepts is epitomised in “surplus” (on-going since 2013). Arranged in a grid, price tags of cheap goods become a symbolic representation of the flow of goods and the struggle to transcend it. Each tag symbolizes an individual with inherent value, navigating the market’s network logic for exchange.

Ben Greber’s sculptures evoke the essence of everyday objects while transcending their original form, becoming autonomous works of art. Using materials like cardboard and epoxy resin, Greber captures the evolving environment, reflecting human impact on utilitarian landscapes through his mastery of form.

The work of Franziska Reinbothe defy tradition, merging painting with sculptural techniques. Through stretching, folding, breaking, cutting, and sewing, she embraces destruction as a catalyst for creation, driven by curiosity and impulsiveness. Coincidence and accident are embraced as integral to her artistic process.