DIID – Digitale Identität der Erinnerung 
oder Freudiger Bruch mit der Ewigkeit

Exhibition + Art Blog (ongoing under DIID.blog)

Preview SAT, DECEMBER 03, 6 – 9pm 
Finissage and blog presentation SAT, DECEMBER 17, 6–9 pm
Open by appointment until DECEMBER 17, 2022 

Liselotte-Herrmann-Str. 26 (HH)
10407 Berlin

Contact: mail@antonyawolfram.de

The artworks of ANTONYA C. WOLFRAM are developed through a strict working method: the works are made exclusively under sunlight where her own shadow becomes the image-forming element. In these photographic performances, the artist searches for forms through her body. The moment of confrontation between the body and the sun is what counts, ruling out any subsequent change in the image content. The forms that are created are strongly connected to and can only exist in space and time. This reveals the fragility of the present moment, a constantly changing entity that is almost impossible to grasp. Yet Antonya’s works capture the moment in all its fragility. The dependence on the sun’s position, its intensity and material opposite requires and focuses the artist’s confrontation with her own strength and physical limitation. The resulting works are abstract in form and poetically depict the confrontation between the individual and the surrounding world. In doing so, the works symbolically illustrate the struggle of possibilities and relationships while touching on themes of interaction, power relations, attitude, loss and memory.

With the artists own physical contribution to the content of the picture, a gestural inventory is created as part of the intervention. The title of each work reveals the time of creation, that allows tracing the place of origin and consequently the artist’s biography, and documents both creative pauses and culmination points.

For the exhibition at IN THE RACK ROOM, the artist gives up her body shadow as an image-forming element for the first time. Instead, she uses the shadows of her memory to intervene in the image. The works are the starting point for a reflection on the identity of memory, that unfolds in the confrontation with others in the art blog DIID.blog. By bringing together personal memories and connecting that with others, the artist reflects and addresses the effect we have on the people around us, and how that effect can be expanded, filtered and remembered. Situated between analogue monologue and digital dialogue, the project becomes a place that poses the question of the place of action of images. Consequently, it conveys different realities that fuse the imaginary world with the real world, hence creating an awareness on the emergence of new perceptual experiences.

With the kind support of ARTBUTLER and BBK BUND / NEUSTART KULTUR

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