Opening SAT, AUGUST 11, 5 — 8pm
AUG 11 — SEP 1, 2018
THU — SAT, 3 — 6pm
Wu Chuan Lun 0163-2240315
Pierre Granoux 0173-1807226
Instagram: @intherackroom
Grafrath, is a small town near Munich. In 1899, “Horand von Grafrath”, the very first Schäferhund being trained at here and given its name after this humble place. On the east side of the town, a glacier ruins named “Toteisloch Wolfsgrube”, believed to be remains from the last glacier age. It happens that – according to some scientific research – dogs also became domestic during the same geological time. Nowadays, this little basin that place in between a highway and cornfields seemly became a witness of human and dogs becoming alliance.
In this era that the borderline between culture and nature, livings and objects getting more and more blurred, we keep finding history metaphor come from our closest animal partner, such as dogs. From the only sole portrait of Hitler’s beloved Schäferhund – Blondi, I found it was taken when it’s lying down, a posture of obedience and semi-relaxing. Also, the popularity of the lying dog porcelains evident it’s a favorable behavior in the eyes of people or more specifically, the Europeans. In the drawings, I deform these kitsch porcelains into geometric shape, which inspired by the modern dog training system to compare our distortion from human to non-human.
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The exhibition sponsor by Ministry of Culture of Taiwan and Department of Culture Affair of Taipei.
About WU CHUAN-LUN (born 1985, Tainan, Taiwan), Graduated from Tainan National University of Arts (MFA). 
The artist is fascinated by the phenomena that blur the boundaries between nature and civilization, material and digital, ecosystem and politics in our time. He examines these phenomena through versatile media such as computer images, photography, ready-made objects, and installations. Wu’s works have been exhibited in several museums, such as Taipei Fine Art Museum (Taiwan), National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art (Taiwan), Shanghai MOCA (China) and Gwangju Museum of Art (Korea). Wu has won the selected Prize of “Taipei Arts Award” (2007), selected Prize of “Kaohsiung Arts Award” (2011), Art Taipei “Young Artist Discovery” (2013). And invited to exhibit at “Taipei Biennial 2014 – The Great Acceleration”. Wu now lives and works in Berlin (DE) and Tainan (TW). 
IN THE RACK ROOM is the new side project of Pierre Granoux / LAGE EGAL, based in his former artist studio, today his storage room. Each selected artist is invited to work in this rack room and to question “the relationship between where art is made and where art is displayed” (Brian O’Doherty). The creative act will be documented and displayed as an Instagram takeover at @intherackroom.