Initiated and directed by Pierre Granoux since 2012, LAGE EGAL continues to see itself as an independent space aiming to experiment with the mechanisms of presenting and mediating art in a rather playful way.
The focus is on curatorial projects that examine and reconsider the stature of exhibitions as such, but also as a creative act that offers audiences new ways of experiencing the mediation of art.

LAGE EGAL has set a long-term goal to give artists the opportunity to display their work outside the commercial art market, also as a professional ground for curatorial practice to guest curators.
LAGE EGAL also distinguishes itself through its thematic discussions with artist’s books and editions, and accordingly by questioning the original, the copy or reproduction, the duplicate or the series.

Even though the designation “gallery space” or “project space” as such suggests a local constant, the concept of LAGE EGAL (German: location no matter) is rather unattached to one specific location.
The name also is not only a word–play, it also describes exactly the process of a textual and programmatic dynamism and flexibility where the location of the space becomes irrelevant.