LAGE EGAL CURATORIAL PROJECTS, launched by French artist—curator Pierre Granoux in 2012, is an innovative exhibition concept based in Berlin, Germany. Its name is also a playful anagram that means location no matter and refers to the use of ever-changing spaces and experimental exhibition formats.

Guided by the concept of the Greek god Kairos — using favourable moments for decisive action — LAGE EGAL is known for its ability to react quickly and exploit opportunities. Its nomadic and dynamic approach is based on occasional and open collaborations with a variety of artists, curators, galleries and other art spaces, allowing it to remain mobile and adaptable in the contemporary art landscape.

In September 2024, LAGE EGAL will move into the prestigious RIVOLI building in Brussels, reinforcing its commitment to innovative curatorial practices and experimental art discourses. This new space represents an exciting chapter in the expansion of its scope of action in the field of contemporary art.