In The Rack Room #3
Preview SAT, JULY 01, 4 – 7 pm
Open only by appointment, until JULY 22, 2017

IN THE RACK ROOM — Liselotte-Herrmann-Str. 26 (HH) 10407 Berlin
Instagram: @intherackroom • Contact: Pierre 01731807226; Ivan +49 172 9782711

The exhibition project “Waiting Room” is characterised by ambiguity and intermediate zones — those unstable states that artist Ivan Liovik Ebel explores with relish in his work. The two pieces on display are waiting to be shipped abroad to a further exhibition. They have left the confines of the artist’s studio but are still housed in their transport crates, waiting to be picked up for their appointed delivery. Situated somewhere between an open studio, a storage area and an exhibition room, the artist assigns an indefinite role to the space.

The paintings shown in the exhibition “Waiting Room” are the two most recent works in Ebel’s “Rebound Paintings” series, which was begun in 2016 and scrutinizes the process involved in arriving at the composition of an image — from the point to the line and the surface, the recorded trace, chance and choice. One of the pieces is the negative image of the other, thus implying a shift, the existence of an invisible space between the two works.

IN THE RACK ROOM is the new side project of Pierre Granoux/LAGE EGAL, based in his former artist studio, today his storage room. Each selected artist is invited to work in this rack room and to question “the relationship between where art is made and where art is displayed” (Brian O’Doherty). 
The creative act will be documented and displayed as an Instagram takeover at @intherackroom.

Photos courtesy of © Ivan Liovik Ebel