LAGE EGAL is a subversive art space without a permanent location, founded in 2012 by artist-curator Pierre Granoux. Due to its nomadic and temporary nature, LAGE EGAL frequently collaborates with other art spaces as a side-project alongside his current locations in Berlin, GW34/35 and IN THE RACK ROOM.
LAGE EGAL takes the temporal notion of kairos — a moment when conditions are favourable for carrying out a decisive action — as its guiding principle, always moving quickly and responding to opportunities as they arise. LAGE EGAL aims to provide a space that moves organically and continues to reflect on the structures it exists within.
Support one of Berlin's oldest independent art spaces by collecting an unique or limited artwork, made exclusively by and for LAGE EGAL. Each edition is produced in close collaboration with selected artists.Your contribution will go towards programming, the artists we present and the essential operating expenses that keep our doors open to the public, anywhere, “location no matter”. — LAGE EGAL