Nadine Fecht


Nadine Fecht is a conceptual artist who works with the media of drawing, language, script, sound, and video. The idea of material is central to her work. It is always moments of tension that are fixed, without being resolved, and whose poles originate from the fields of social economy, the social assignment of roles and the self-empowerment of the individual. Drawing is Fecht’s key to getting into the deepest entrenched social constructs. Fecht’s whole creative practice is based on the idea of drawing being an independent work of art; she maintains that a drawing is not just a sketch on paper but rather a practice that continues to expand. She discovered early on that the simplicity and democratic nature of drawing as a medium contains unlimited allure and potential for expression, as well as a sense of poetry, intricacy, and truth that manifests not only linearly on the surface of the paper but also in interaction with other art media.