Dear Friends, we are delighted to invite you to the opening of TIME TO TIME,
organized in collaboration with a group of students from the UdK — New Media Class, Berlin
We are looking forward to seeing you at the opening event:
Saturday, APR 23, 2022, 6 — 9pm
23.04 — 01.05 2022
Open hours: WED — SUN, 4 — 8PM
Also open by chance and by appointment

TIME TO TIME is a student-organized and curated group exhibition. It combines the results from Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä’s New Media Class on the semester theme “Legacy” and the results from the seminar “Critical Media: Time Apparatus” by Luiz Zanotello.
This combination results in a far-reaching artistic examination of the theme of time: On the one hand, the focus in the New Media class was to look into the past, what problems it has led to in the present and to open up what future perspectives result from it. The question of the possibility space of media in the philosophical context of time in posthuman dimensions was the focus in the seminar of Luiz Zonatello on the other hand.

This resulted in multimedia works, kinetic sculptures, sound installations and video essays; 13 artworks by 13 students.
Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya, Art and Media, UdK
Erik Anton Reinhardt, Visual Communication, UdK
Felix Müller, Visual Communication, UdK
Dawooni Park, Visual Communication, UdK
Alexander Hahn, Visual Communication, UdK
Özcan Ertek, Art and Media, UdK
Marisa Nest, Computer Science, FU
Zoe Spehr, Visual Communication, UdK
André Santos Martins, Art and Media, UdK
Maxim Tur, Visual Communication, UdK
Jens Tiemann, Visual Communication, UdK
Orlando Helfer Rabaça, Visual Communication, UdK
Chun-Li Wang, Art and Media, UdK