Dear Friends, we are delighted to invite you to the opening of FREE SPACE (FOR UKR) 
parallel with the exhibition ON THE ROAD, organized in collaboration with the Dutch artist Bram Braam

We are looking forward to seeing you at the opening event (3G):
Saturday, 19.03 2022, 6 — 9pm
Keep wearing a mouth-and-nose mask and take care!

19.03 — 16.04 2022
Open hours: THU — SAT, 3 — 6PM 
Also open by chance and by appointment

LAGE EGAL supports the Ukrainian people, the Russian peace protesters, the Ukrainian diaspora in Germany, in Europe and internationally. We pay special attention to the struggling workers in the arts and culture sector. 

Concretely we have decided in collaboration with artists and friends of the gallery to dedicate a FREE SPACE (one or two walls visible from outside) at LAGE EGAL open to anyone who wishes to exhibit a work of art in reaction to the current situation, or who wishes to donate a work. The particularity is to give a real free exhibition space in the gallery to present the works of the artists who wish to engage for peace in Ukraine and to help the populations endangered by the aggression of the forces directed by Putin.
In case of donation 100% of the money will go directly to an initiative in support of Ukraine. #artforukraine #makepeacenotwar 

All funds raised will go to the Berlin-based non-profit association MitOst e.V.

MitOst e.V. coordinates the collaborative efforts of civil society organisations that are directly supporting on-the-ground efforts to secure people, provide protection, facilitate evacuations, and connect to temporary accommodation. Our role involves bridging communications, directing financial support, needs assessments and connecting networks and offers of support.

They cooperate with partners in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Moldova, Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Slovakia, who are actively working to welcome refugees from Ukraine by supplying the necessary assistance.

MitOst e.V. has been active in Ukraine for over two decades and is part of a strong, decentralised network of independent initiatives, dedicated professionals and cross-sectoral stakeholders working in the fields of democratic and human rights, arts and culture, (non-formal) education, media etc. Currently, there are over 80 organisations and 400 individuals active throughout this network. They include politicians, civil servants, activists, artists, educators, facilitators, journalists and business people.

Stay tuned ✊🏼💙💛