Ties Ten Bosch


My practice is characterised by a provocative, surrealistic approach towards everyday traces that we leave behind. I place these banal traces in social, political and new spatial situations as a paradox and thereby alienate them from their daily lives. This often leads to works that result in a continuous interrogation of viewing habits and of sculpture itself, but at the same time also reflects on a world outside. In recent years, the urgent issue of consumption in relation to the imprint on the physical and metaphorical space around us has had a special interest in my work.

A good work of art lets you look and keep looking. Until you find an answer to her riddles, you have to keep looking. That is her primary function.

My work can often be read in the form of ‘what if’ questions: what if an ivy is offered help to overgrow a building (Natural Outreach, 2016), what if a white cube would not stop a column of waste from growing( Atlas, 2017), what if I make a portrait of an abandoned building, by showing the waste that can be found in it (In a perfect world (24years and 5 weeks of garbage from a paradise), 2018). In addition, invitation and collaboration are a core component of my work. My art creates an ongoing conversation between me, my work and the viewer.


I graduated from the Willem the Kooning Academy in 2005 and lived and worked at the B.a.d-foundation in Rotterdam for 9 years. Actually I am based in Berlin, Germany. 

In addition to my activities as an independent visual artist, I have been active in several initiatives with both visual artists and artists from various disciplines, such as design, music and architecture. 

My work has been on display all over the world, such as Berlin, New York City, Miami, Zagreb, Douala, etc. In the Netherlands I am represented by the Frank Taal Gallery in Rotterdam.




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